Southwest Airlines Infant Fares, Policy, Guidelines, Terms, And Conditions


Southwest Airlines infant policy states that children from 14 days to 11 months are infants. That’s why infants are allowed to travel as lap children. But with a person of the age 12 years or older. However, the infants are not occupying any space or seat in the airplane. So, they will be no fee or charges for toddlers or infants.

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Southwest Airlines Infant And Children Fare

Southwest Airlines offers much less fares for children from 2 years to 5 years of age. Because there are chances that the children from this age group may not require a separate seat. But children from 5 years to 11 years are minors. Thus the fare for minors can be a bit less but you have to pay $50 each way minor charges.

However, for children under 2 years of age, Southwest Airlines offer infant fares. That means you are free to book a seat in your lap child’s approved CRS (Child Restraint System). But the infant fares are not available directly at So, for that, you have to call a centralized booking department of Southwest toll-free: (800) 435-9792

Southwest Airlines child fare have some terms associated. That are as follows:

  1. Southwest children’s fares are completely refundable.
  2. However, the special fare for children is available on all Southwest flights. But with limited seats.
  3. If your child will travel as a lap child. Then you need not pay any additional fee for the same.
  4. Southwest will check your approved CRS for your child at the destination.
  5. Please note that as per the FAA regulations, any children that are 2 years of age must occupy his/her own seat.
  6. However, you are advised to carry valid photo ID proof for verification.
  7. Southwest employees can ask for the age verification proof of your child anytime throughout the journey.
  8. So, to avail of Southwest Airlines Infant Fares, You must follow the guidelines that had been set up for the children.

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Southwest’s Travel Rules For Infants

  1. Southwest Airlines along with FAA recommends that you should carry an approved CRS when traveling with a child of 2 years or less.
  2. FAA states that children, that weigh less than 40 pounds are more secure in their CRS while traveling through air.
  3. As per the Southwest Airlines infant travel rules, the parents or guardian must carry valid age verification proof for a minor.
  4. However, any Govt issued ID card, birth certificate, or passport can serve the purpose of age verification for the child.
  5. On the other hand, a medical release certificate is required for any child under 14 days old.
  6. Any accompanied children of age 2 years to 11 years can travel on a special child fare, anytime fare, or Southwest Airlines wanna get away fares.
  7. But unaccompanied minors of age 5 years to 11 years have to pay a $50 each way minor charge as well.
  8. Proof of age may be required for all the children irrespective of the age while traveling at Southwest Airlines.
  9. However, a boarding pass is not mandatory for an infant. But an age verification boarding is a must.
  10. Online check-in for an infant is open after age verification.
  11. Last but not least, no fees or taxes are applicable for an infant on domestic flights.
  12. However, you have to pay the taxes only, If an infant is traveling on an international flight.

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Is Boarding Pass Necessary For An Infant To Travel At Southwest Airlines?

Well, If you are looking to purchase a separate seat for your infant. So that he/she can travel in an approved CRS. Then you must get a boarding pass for your child as per the Southwest Airlines Infant policy.

However, If you book the flights by opting for the child’s special fare. Then you can use the online check-in option as soon as you are done with the age verification of your infant.

But If you are looking to travel with your infant on your lap, Then you need not get the boarding pass. However, a Boarding pass verification document will still be necessary for your infant. This boarding pass verification will allow your child in boarding the plane

To ease the process of documentation and making reservations for your child. You can simply call Southwest Airlines customer service at toll-free: +1-800-435-9792

What Is CRS (Child Restraint Systems)?

Child restraint systems are recommended by Southwest Airlines as well FAA to provide more safety to infants or children. However, there are fix seating arrangements to place the CRS onboard. Those are as follows:

  1. CRS should be placed in the middle seat or the window seat.
  2. If CRS is placed in the middle seat. Please make sure to not obstruct the way for the passenger sitting at the window seat.
  3. However, please note that CRS can not be placed at the aisle seat.
  4. You may also make sure that the CRS will not obstruct the way of the passengers in the case of an emergency landing.
  5. That means a CRS for an infant may not be in front of any exit door.
  6. Southwest Airlines can accept the CRS approved by any foreign Govt.
  7. But any seal of approval or the Govt. stamp is a must. So that the airlines allow that certain CRS on board.
  8. However, please note that backless booster seat type CRS are banned by FAA. Thus not allowed at Southwest Airlines.
  9. As per Southwest Airlines infant policy, Any device that ties the child to a person is prohibited.

Southwest Airlines Message To The Pregnant Passengers?

Southwest Airlines never restricts any infants, children, or even pregnant passengers. But the passenger must fall good in Southwest’s terms and conditions. So, for pregnant passengers, the airlines suggest to avoid the travel. If there are 14 or less days expected in a child’s birth.

However, the airlines is aware that flying during the pregnancy is not going complicate the things for you. But still all the female passengers are requested to consult their physicians. So that they can provide the clearance and a health verification document. That can state that the female passenger is good to travel.

But Southwest Airlines never recommends you to travel. As soon as you hit the beginning of the 38th week. Thus, after looking at the health and condition of a pregnant passenger before boarding. Southwest Airlines staff may place your seat in front of the emergency exit window/ door.

In some critical cases, you may be denied boarding as well.

That’s why to get a clear picture about your travel possibilities and to get the cheapest airfare your infant, child with Southwest Airlines. You are requested to call the customer service team. As soon as you are done with the reservations.

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