Southwest Low Fare Calendar – Find cheap and best days or months to fly


Southwest Low Fare Calendar is one of the best cheap fare finder tools from Airlines. However, a similar tool is available with every airlines nowadays. But in terms of use, Southwest’s fare finder tool is the amazing one.

Many legacy airlines like United, Delta, American, British, and Etihad, etc. are also providing the same service. But if we talk about the LCCs only. Nothing can beat the Southwest Airlines fares and deals. It is not like the other airlines’ low fare calendar is not good, But it is easy to read Southwest one.

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Click Here To See The Cheap Fare Finder Tool In Action

As we all know that Southwest Airlines is one of the best and major airlines in the USA. The airline’s “transfarency policy” clearly states that there will no hidden charges in the name of changes and cancellations of airline tickets. Not only this but Southwest Airlines baggage policy is also one of the reasons that the passengers visit their website directly.

That’s why southwest airlines are not present majorly on metasearch engines like Sky Scanner, Priceline, etc. The reason for the same is Southwest Airlines trust its low fare calendar and similar tools that can attract the passenger directly to them.

How To Use Southwest Low Fare Calendar?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Follow the steps below to find the cheapest and the best deals with Southwest Airlines?

  1. Visit the Low Fare Calendar Page

    You can simply visit Southwest’s official website and at the flight search form. You can see a direct link to the fare calendar section. Please refer to the image below Or you can click here.Southwest Airlines

  2. Start Searching Through Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar

    As soon you will be at the Low fare calendar page. You can see that, It clearly states that you can search for a flight for the entire month. Just to see which is the cheapest day or month to fly. However, you can see that the low fare calendar can display the price in Dollars and points as well. But you have to select it before searching the flights.

  3. Find The Cheapest Flight Combination

    After hitting the “Search” button. The tool will display the daily fares of the flights for the given pair of cities. However, you can easily search the flights for up to the next 6 months. That means you will be able to see the exact month and date at which the flight will be the cheapest as per the Southwest Airlines Low fare calendar.

  4. Want To Pay With The Points

    Well, Southwest Airlines’ low fare calendar and the flight search form carry this dollar + points feature on every page. That means wherever you will a search form, you need not wait for the checkout page to see the final dollars or points you have to pay. But you can simply get the exact prices of the flights while searching only. So to see how many points you need to book this flight. Then simply click on points rather than the “$” sign

  5. Select Your Preferred Flight

    After selecting the cheapest dates, once you click on the SEARCH option. Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar will display the flights with several timings. You have to select your preferred flights, Follow the on-screen instructions and complete your booking.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

  1. It can help you find the cheapest month to fly either in the domestic or International sector.
  2. To be more precise, a passenger can dig out the cheapest day to fly as well.
  3. The low fare calendar can display the cheapest flight prices not only in dollars but in points as well.
  4. You can use it to find cheap one-way, round trip, or multi-city flights as well.
  5. Low fare calendar can display the prices for up to the next 6 months as per your search dates.
  6. It can help you save more on Southwest Airlines group bookings.
  7. The fare it displays is inclusive of all the taxes and the fees.
  8. Booking a flight in just 4 clicks is the best feature of Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar.

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Flights With Southwest To Get Cheap Fares?

Well, most of the travel experts suggests that you should book your flights at least 6 months in advance to your travel dates. However, some suggests that a passenger is liable to hold a reservation up to 11 months in advance before the travel. But I personally believe that booking a flight 6 months or 11 months in advance is not going to make much difference in the fare.

But many uncertainties may occur before your travel. For example: there may be flight cancellations due to bad weather conditions, Some govt. restrictions may be there. However, the worst case scenario can be the last minute schedule change of the airlines. But because you made the reservations too much in advance. The airlines may miss-out to inform you.

I agree that this is a rare case scenario that airlines missed-out informing you about the changes or cancellations. But the process that you have to go through to get a new flight can be a hectic. That ends by making you pay even more for the flights.

So, what’s the solution?. Well, Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar is the only solution. When a tool that can display you the fare for the next 6 months. That can give you a fair idea that how much the current fare can jump up. If it’s not making a huge fare difference. Simply book any flights near to your travel date and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

What Are The Cheapest Days To Fly With Southwest Airlines?

Well, there are many theories about finding the cheapest day to fly. This is not only a question with Southwest only but with every airline based in the USA. So, If I have to be transparent with everyone out there. I have to confess that even the ages of experts in the airline industry will not be able to guess that which day will be the cheapest.

Why? because it all depends upon the demand for a particular route, the number of seats available, and how many flights per day are operating on a particular city combination. In simple words there are many aspects included.

But If I have to point you to the exact solution. Go ahead and look for a Low fare calendar at the airlines’ website that you are planning to travel with. That particular tool is the only way to find the cheapest flight not only with Southwest but with any airline. But to get the best out of the Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar. Please note the below point.

  1. Always use Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar before making an online booking.
  2. Call Southwest airlines reservations at +1-800-435-9792 for unpublished flight deals.
  3. Do not book your flights near holidays or weekends.
  4. However, business class tickets can be cheaper at weekends.
  5. Book approx. 1 month in advance of your travel date.
  6. You can book 2 separate flights for a round-trip journey. You may find a better price with Southwest.

Can I Book A Flight For A Minor Through Low Fare Calendar?

Yes, Southwest Airlines low fare calendar is the tool that can be used for anyone. But make sure to inform the Southwest customer service. That you made a reservation for an Unaccompanied minor. So, that the airlines representative can make you aware of the further documentation required for the minor.

Not only this but you have to pay a $50 per way each minor charge to complete your southwest booking. Please note that $50 minor fee is over and above the fare that Southwest Low Fare Calendar displays.

You must be aware of the Southwest Minor Policy, and Southwest infant policy that can help you enjoy the real benefit of the low fare finder tool.

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