Top 10 Cheap And Best Hotel Booking Apps In The USA For 2021

Cheap and best hotel booking apps in 2021: So, are you looking for budget accommodation in the USA?. If Yes, is your answer, Then you must be thinking about getting an all inclusive hotel as cheap as possible. Well everyone does the same, Just to light the expense on their pocket.

That’s why we are here to present a list of Top 10 best Apps and websites that offers cheap hotel booking to everyone. No matter if you are traveling solo or with a family. Also if your are on a business trip or fun. Your travel moto is not going to affect the price of the property now.

Not only this but also you can enjoy all the facilities and amenities at a regular cost. So stay tune with us.

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Top 10 Hotel Booking Apps In The USA

  1. Couch Surfing – Couch Surfing is an app connecting homeowners and travelers who are looking for free accommodation. The hosts usually offer free accommodation for experience to meet new people from around the world.
  2. Home Exchange – Are you traveling somewhere and would like to swap homes with someone for the duration of your trip?. Then use Home Exchange. Their unique search tool makes it possible to find those looking to share their home in exchange for a stay in yours.
  3. World Packers – So, 3rd on the list of Cheap Hotel Booking Apps Of 2021 is the World Packers App. If you don’t mind helping out a few hours a day in exchange for your accommodation, download World Packers. The platform offers different programs such as work exchange, social impact, and eco-program. But World Packer is not the only website offering such a kind of service. There are several apps in the group.
  4. Luxury Hotel Apps – Well, If you are a fan of luxury hotels. Then you must put your hands on apps like Four season. However, if you are specific about a hotel chain like Marriot, Hilton, or Hyatt. You should check by downloading their official app first.
  5. Hostel World – If you are planning to stay in a hostel, then search for the hostel of your choice on Hostel World that also includes all the important information on each hostel such as how good’s the location, how friendly the staff is, and the cleanliness.
  6. Trivago – While Trivago might seem just like any other booking app at the first sight, its main added value is that it compares prices of other booking sites. Of course, you can book a room directly with them as well.
  7. Hotel Tonight – Are you traveling tonight and need a good deal? Then definitely download HotelTonight, an increasingly popular app that searches for last-minute deals when hotels give discounts on their empty rooms. And if you’re planning to travel in the future, Hotel Tonight lets you search for deals in advance, too.
  8. TripAdvisor – TripAdvisor is a very useful app when you want to see how other travelers rated a specific hotel. You’ll find a collection of travelers’ reviews including real photos from hotel rooms, opinions, pros and cons about a specific place, etc. You can also book your stay directly in TripAdvisor.
  9. Airbnb – Airbnb Who doesn’t know Airbnb, an app that lets you book a room or an apartment directly withthe owner. Airbnb is a slick app with easy to use interface and is a great app to use. If you are looking for a pristine experience compared to a hotel. One of the Airbnb features are guest reviews. which can help you decide if the place is right for you. Airbnb hosts also rate you as a guest and that’s what makes Airbnb different. Since both hosts and guests do their best.
  10. – So last but not the least on a list of Top 10 cheap hotel booking apps is It is one of the most popular accommodation booking apps. You can use it to search for hotels, motels,apartments according to your preferences. Many deals offer a free cancellation option which comes in handy when you’re still exploring where to stay. But want to guarantee an accommodation that you like. Some other booking platforms offer that option too but Booking makes the cancellation process fast and easy.
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10 Tips To Book Cheapest Hotel Online Or Offline In 2021

  1. Flexible Dates – Always be flexible with your dates. That means consider booking a hotel room +-3 days before or after your travel dates. Doing this can help you save up to $100 per night even with the premium hotel chains.
  2. Book ON Weekends – If you are going to book a hotel for a business meeting or trip. Then consider doing the same at weekends. Because fewer business meetings happen through the weekends. Thus you may get lucky and will be able to save up to $200 on business suites.
  3. Hotel Bookings On Weekdays – Well, for business purposes. Hotel bookings on weekends will be cheaper. But If you are planning a holiday, Then consider booking a hotel on a weekday. Because fewer people will be on a holiday at a working day.
  4. Compare Hotels – Just like a meta search engine for flights. Several hotel comparison websites and apps are also there. However, to ease the hunt of the guest. You can see a list of the top 10 cheap hotel booking apps and websites is already there at the top. So next time compare before you book.
  5. Find New Hotels – Well, this tip can prove one of the best among all. Because you have to find a recently launched hotel around the area you are traveling. Why? because new hotels will definitely offer lower prices than their competitors.
  6. Always book for 2 – Even if you are traveling solo. Always book for twin sharing. Because room prices on twin sharing basis are up to $30% less than the single occupancy room.
  7. Call the hotel directly – Well, this option allows you to at least bargain or challenge the price that is there online for the hotel room. You may get lucky and get the accommodation at much less prices than online
  8. Use coupon code – you should subscribe to the Newsletter of the hotel. So that you can grab promo or discount codes at priority.
  9. Choose Off-season travel – for a cheap hotel booking, Consider traveling on dates and times when otheres are not traveling. For example – Try visiting a beach on a weekday before any holiday will be cheaper than visiting on weekends.
  10. Choose Less reviewed hotel – Well, you can give a try to the hotels and properties with fewer reviews. Or I must mention the hotels with not-so-good reviews. Who knows if the reason for the bad reviews has been eliminated by the hotel team. Thus you may be the one that can be a point breaker for the hotel as well.
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