Hotels In Las Vegas – Top 10 Luxury Hotels Of LAS In 2021

Hotels In Las Vegas

Hotels in Las Vegas are always been one of the best attractions in the USA. No one can miss visiting the LAS while being on a fun trip to the USA. SO, refer to our list of luxury hotels in 2021. So that you can enjoy Las Vegas by spending minimum. Las Vegas, one of the most lit-up cities out there, is home to many hotels that can provide you with the exact required specifications.

These hotels are not just pretty on the outside,   but jaw-dropping from the inside as well. So, before jumping ahead to the list of Top 10 luxury hotels in LAS. I suggest that you must compare your hotels before booking them with any online travel agency, or even with a hotel website directly.

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List Of 10 Luxury Hotels In Las Vegas


The SkyLofts is the perfect vacation treat for you. A hotel fit for the kings, as it offers top-notch quality in its services and has many. Although it has 6852 rooms, you won’t find any room depreciate in luxury than the next. The Skyloft has the perfect position on the strip as it is perched on the edge and looks down on the rest of the strip.

It has 12 restaurants, the finest ones out there, and the cuisine you will remember for years to come. Some rooms are even fitted with their own cardio areas,   and other than that, you can access fitness facilities that the hotel offers to its guests. Your personal butlers are provided to you to help with the loading and unpacking of your luggage.

Everything in the room is automated, and even your bathroom has amenities such as an infinity spa tub. Staying over at this castle of a hotel will cost you close to 1000$, but it’s worth being treated like royalty. Well, That’s why this hotel is at number 1 on the list of Top 10 Luxury hotels in Las Vegas.

2. The Four seasons Hotel

The four seasons have become a class of their own and a symbol of luxury all around the world. If you want to feel apart and to feel the grandness. The four seasons hotel offers that very feeling as the entrance itself is apart from the hustling and bustling strip of Las Vegas. A special entrance, if you will. With gorgeous rooms lined up all around the hotel and with all Las Vegas views, you can imagine.

From the strip to the empty desert’s beauty. The hotel offers a wide variety of eateries and spas you could choose from and still have that luxury feel to it. Prices for this royal experience start at 279$.

3. Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn hotel was established before its sister, the Encore hotel. The hotel has a beautiful building that amounts up to 45 floors, shaped into a beautiful curve, complimented at night with the most beautiful lighting system. The Wynn and its twin sister Encore collectively hold the most amount of Forbes travel guide 5-star awards than any other hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

It is also home to the famous Wing Lei restaurant, which has one Michelin star up to its sleeves. This is also considered to be one of the finest restaurants in the world. The Wynn hotel also owns the only golf courses on the Las Vegas strip; now that’s something they can easily flex about.

The hotel also has two nightclubs for all the night people who like to spend their nights with a blast. Starting offers at 235$,  Thus the Wynn hotel is probably the best hotel you can get in Las Vegas.

4. Encore at Wynns

Although it shares most of its luxuries from the Wynns hotel, the Encore hotel is certainly well off on its own. However by scoring an AAA five-diamond award every year since it was opened. It just proves how efficient and high-end the hotel has turned out to be. Backing that up is the hotel’s casino, which is praised by many for being the most stylish one of them all, in all of Las Vegas.

Having a total of 2034 rooms, all dripping in the most modern mix of luxury, the hotel has   received the Forbes travel guide five-star award. Prices start at 247$ at the minimum, Which is a treat considering how high-end and professional they are for winning so many awards.

5. Bellagio Las Vegas

One of the most gorgeous hotels in Las Vegas we have on our list today, the Bellagio is a spectacle to be seen both days and at night. The fabulous fountain works that are displayed in front of it are certainly one of the best tourist attractions.

Coming towards the inside, it has close to 4000 rooms. That’s really impressive by anyone’s standards. They are equipped with grand comforts with the perfect ambiance to protect you from the Las Vegas strip’s rawness and noise, all of that based around a European art style. The starting price for this beauty and its amazing fountain works is from 185$.

6. ARIA Resort And Casino

ARIA resorts & casinos are the highest regarded resort by many people, with reviews always being on the positive side of the spectrum. Unlike the ones mentioned before, this might be a really good deal as rooms start at a low price of 156$ only.

However, Don’t be fooled by the price, though, as the suites they have to offer are all a technological marvel as everything is automated and controlled using remotes and various consoles. Being a 5-star hotel, it offers comforts such as a casino, Pools/cabanas, transportation, and even a helicopter ride along with Las Vegas.

When it comes to restaurants, the ARIA has,   in its arsenal, up to 20 different types to choose from. So fair warning, prepare your taste buds.

7. Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The Waldorf Astoria is a 47-story goliath of a hotel that pierces through the Las Vegas strip’s skyline. That is providing you with a pupil-dilating and almost staggering view of the city life down and around it. This hotel too boasts Asian-inspired décor and renovation just like the Nobu Hotel mentioned previously. But it keeps its balance and does not center on it.

The Waldorf hosts 392 rooms, which may be less, but this is an independent establishment and is not connected to any other like the ones mentioned before. The Waldorf Astoria holds the AAA Five Diamond Award and, above that, three Forbes Five Star Awards regarding its amenities.

These things are really something to flex about as only 5-6 others have received such a prestigious designation. The Waldorf comes in at 269$ for reservations.

8. Palazzo Hotel Las Vegas

Situated in the Venetian resort, this sky-scraping hotel is yet another 5-star hotel on this list of Top 10 luxury hotels in Las Vegas. The palazzo hotel is renowned for having the biggest average suite sizes out of any other hotel in Las Vegas. However, It is also unique due to the fact that it is connected to 19 other restaurants and a glamorous casino.

All that to back up with one of the most well-known spa clubs in Las Vegas known as the canyon ranch. The Palazzo has 3066 rooms to offer equipped with very high-end room aesthetics and luxury, with eye-catching attention to details. However, The prices for staying here start from 213$, which is pretty decent considering the comforts it has to offer.

9. Nobu Hotel

The Nobu Hotel, which resides in Caesars palace, is not like any other on the list. Thus The guests who check in here will feel far away from Las Vegas as this hotel is heavily inspired by the Japanese aesthetics when it comes to the décor. The Nobu hotel rooms have offered a range from deluxe suites way up to a penthouse and if you’re really into being treated like royalty, a full villa.

Something exclusive that the hotel offers is the ‘ Nobu socials’, which is like a meet and greet. The one where you’re offered high-grade cocktails which are made by high esteemed chefs that specialize in them.

Other entertainments include a Roman-inspired pool called the garden of the god’s pool oasis, a nightclub that hosts the greatest DJ talent Las Vegas has to offer. Rooms at this godly place start at 188$ at the minimum.

10. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Like many others on this list, The Cosmopolitan is a five-star hotel with a room capacity of 3,024. Among these rooms is a great diversity of selections ranging from lavish bungalows to wrap-around terrace suites that provide a brilliant view of the fabulous fountains that dance throughout the day.

The Cosmopolitan also features an eye-opening casino along with a complimentary side dish. More amenities include a spa, a full-blown theatre, pools and fitness facilities, etc. Prices for this amazing place range from 138$ and onwards depending on what sort of room you select.

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