Tour Cruiser's privacy policy explains how it receives, uses, and shares personal information. You'll learn about your rights, choices, and other options here, so you'll feel comfortable travelling with us. We make your trip unforgettable, and now is the moment to start travelling without worry.

You may now simply contact us to learn more about the types of information we gather and how we utilize it. You can also get familiar with our cookie policy, which gives you peace of mind that you are in good hands. Then you may locate an authorized agent, and you will be free of all concerns, realizing that you can properly arrange your travel.

The kinds of data we gather and how we use it

We receive your name, contact information, and other personal information when you create an account, and we assure that your personal information is safe with us. Also, after you check in to our site, we will keep track of everything you do. We use this information to get a sense of what you're up to and to ensure that our users are secure.

We devised a cookie policy, which you should accept in order to use our website. Cookies are small pieces of information that a website sends to users in order to collect information. We ask visitors to accept our cookie policy, which allows you to get the most out of the website's features.

We may occasionally request extra information such as your location, age, gender, and so on. The data is used to determine who is interested in the services we offer. It allows us to make modifications to our products and hence reach our intended audience more simply. We create new leads as a result, increasing commercial opportunities.

When you open an email we've sent you, we may use some techniques to collect information when you click on a link or banner. It assists us in determining how we can interact with you and, as a result, how we can assist you in learning about our new products and services. Once you begin speaking with one of our representatives, you will see how it may assist you in learning more about our services.

As you contact our customer service, we may request your name, email address, or other contact information. We utilize the information to provide you with a quick answer and make you feel secure. We also use the contact information to obtain feedback from our clients, allowing us to make significant changes to our services.

When you acquire a service from us, we will ask for some billing information. We collect data such as your name, contact info, shipping address, contact number, credit or debit card info, and so on. It assists you in effectively completing the transaction and allowing you to place an order. We guarantee that we will provide excellent service and that you will have the greatest possible experience. We guarantee that you will be able to make a secure purchase.

Other information we collect includes the browser you're using, your operating system, and other factors that help us discover how to improve our website's technical features. We utilise this information to track how users interact with other networks, and it's a great method to entice more people to visit our site.

Besides these, we may also acquire information about our site's visitors through third-party sources. You should agree to our cookie policy in order to use our site without restriction, and you may now relax. Our website is completely secure, and you will have no problems using it.

What methods do we use to share information?

Don't be concerned! Unauthorized access to our visitors' information is never permitted. We occasionally share info with our affiliates, commercial partners, and other third parties, but we never use data received from our users for personal purposes. As a result, you may feel secure and at peace knowing that you can use our services without fear. We respect your privacy, and you can now use our site to learn more about the services we offer. We are not that kind of commercial entity that sells any of our visitors' information, so you can submit your details with total confidence.

You would have complete control over and modification of any personal information. You have the right to disagree with any policy. You can also choose to erase any information you have provided, giving you complete control over your privacy as you would expect. As a result, you can avoid future disagreements and continue to use our services.

Tour Cruiser always ensures safety to their visitors. If you want to use our platform, it would be better that you go through our privacy policy carefully so that you can understand how safe it is to use this platform.

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